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Customer Testimonials
     (These are just a few of the customer testimonials that we've received since our opening in 2013.)
   We bought your  Hot Air Balloons  for our son when he bought his first house, and he loves it. It's framed beautifully.  -  10/11/13   Laura G.   Omaha, Ne.   
   My wife bought  your Strawberry and your Tomatoes works for our kitchen, and they're beautiful. They got here when promised as well.  -  12/15/13  Bill J.  wells, Me.  
   We bought "A Single Red Maple Leaf", and "A Golden Maple Leaf", and they're spectacular. The quality of the framing and matting  was excellent.  -  03/28/14  Lynda A.   Concord, Ma.
   We ordered a couple of framed pieces for our office, and they arrived just as we were told.  We couldn't be happier!!  -  05/05/14   Kirsten A.   Portland, Or.
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 . . . as we're from New England, and have many fond memories of our vacations in North Hero, on Lake Champlain, we decided to buy a finished print. We love it!!  -  08/14/14  Jesse W.   Glastonbury, Ct.
   Our house is contemporary, and we wanted something striking,. When we saw your balloon images, we fell in love with them, and bought a couple. They're perfect. -  10/02/14  Dav id K.  Montreal, Qc. 
   Living in the bay area, we've always been fascinated by Vt., and loved foliage seaason when we had a chance to visit, so we bought your "Stones in a Riverbed"  framed foliage piece. It's absolutely beautiful, particularily on that paper with the shimmer to it.  -  11/31/14  Rachel W.   San Francisco, Ca. 
   We wanted some wildflower pieces for the wall of our family room, and chose your framed and matted White Trillium and  Bottled Genetian. When they arrived, they were better than we had hoped.  - 12/03/14   Crystal J.  Redmond, Wa.
   My parents, who live in Montpelier, sent us your Sandbar State Park work, as we often went there as kids. It brought back such happy memories. Thank you!!   01/17/15   Laurie W.  Seattle Wa. 
   We just bought  "Aw Come On" and "Nap Time" from your Wild Animal gallery for our 9 yr. old son's room, and he loves them. Now he wants "Introspection" and "Trouble"  -  01/23/15  Jan J.  Memphis Tn.